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GIIVX - Global Impact Investing Vienna Exchange

Given the low rates of return achievable on the market, investors are looking for additional benefits. At the same time, humanity faces enormous challenges that need urgent solutions on a global scale, as detailed within the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Impact Investing aims to produce a positive social and/or environmental impact along with a return on investment. To date, there is no global initiative offering an adequate link between interested investors and entrepreneurs, combined with a knowledge base on the industry and impact measurement tools.

GIIVX is a global online platform which aims to connect impact investors with impact investment opportunities (entrepreneurs) meeting their investment requirements.

GIIVX provides

  • Industry Know How on the sector of impact investing (studies, articles, glossary, conferences, events, etc.)
  • Several service levels for investors (from interested investors to prime investors)
  • Information on impact investment opportunities including their correlation to the SDGs
  • Impact information and measurement
  • Networking possibilities and know how exchange between investors

Impact & Impact Investing?


Impact is defined as achieving social and/or environmental improvements, e.g. affordable housing, access to water and healthcare, sustainable agriculture, cleaner environment, waste management, access to education, etc.

Impact Investing

Impact investing is a financial investment opportunity where the investor is interested in producing social and/or environmental benefits as well as a financial return. Thus, impact investing has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the capital markets, adding impact as the third dimension to risk and return, transforming our society for the better.

Bill Gates’ first investment into an impact fund, India’s Unitus Seed, is expected to boost the early-stage impact funding sector and drive more philanthropists to fund scalable and profitable social enterprises to serve the world’s poorer millions.

“It is an idea whose time has come, Bill Gates’ investment is a vote of confidence for impact investing,” said Ravi Venkatesan, venture partner at Unitus Seed. “In a country like ours with huge social needs, it is very important to look beyond the government, corporate sector funding or non-profits to fix things.”

Forbes Asia, November 2014

„The world is on the brink of a revolution in how we solve society’s toughest problems. The force capable of driving this revolution is (social) impact investing, which harnesses entrepreneurship, innovation and capital to power social improvement.”

Social Impact Investing Taskforce, 2014.

“It is urgent that governments throughout the world commit themselves to developing an international framework capable of promoting a market of high impact investments and thus combating an economy which excludes and discards.”

Pope Francis, June 2014

“Impact investors are a diverse bunch, but they are united by a powerful force: a desire to meet the dual goal of achieving a financial return while generating significant social and environmental returns.”

Judith Rodin (President of the Rockefeller Foundation) & Margot Brandenburg (Fellow at Nathan Cummings Foundation), authors of “The Power of Impact Investing”, Wharton press.

"We live in a dynamic ear of innovation, change and new ways of thinking that could push our society in promising directions. As an investor, you can participate in this change; you have it in your power to contribute to a movement that is potentially transformative and overwhelmingly positive. This is the promise of impact investing."

Judith Rodin (President of the Rockefeller Foundation) & Margot Brandenburg (Fellow at Nathan Cummings Foundation), authors of "The Power of Impact Investing", Wharton press.

"The financial crash of 2008 highlighted the need for a renewed effort to ensure that finance helps build a healthy society. This required a paradigm shift in capital market thinking, from two dimensions to three. By bringing a third dimension, impact, to the 20th century capital market dimensions of risk and return, impact investing has the potential to transform our ability to build a better society for all."

Social Impact Investing Taskforce, 2014.

“Members of the millennial generation that is entering the workforce today want their work to have a purpose beyond merely making money, whilst older generations too are ever less willing to settle for a compartmentalisation of how they earn a living and how they want the world to be.”

Social Impact Investing Taskforce, 2014.

“There has been a steady increase in the number of social sector organisations that raise revenue through government contracts or by charging for services or products they supply. Equally remarkable is the number of entrepreneurial start-ups emerging that have social mission at the heart of their organisation and the variety of business models they use.”

Social Impact Investing Taskforce, 2014.


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What is GIIVX?

GIIVX is a global transaction platform that aims to connect impact investors with impact investment projects (entrepreneurs).

What is impact?

Impact is defined as achieving social and/or environmental improvements, e.g. affordable housing, access to water and healthcare, sustainable agriculture, waste management, access to education, etc.

What is impact investing?

Impact investing is a financial investment opportunity where the investor is interested in producing social and/or environmental benefits as well as a financial return. Thus, impact investing has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the capital markets, adding impact as the third dimension to risk and return, transforming our society for the better.

What is the market potential?

Due to current low rates of return on the market, investors are more and more interested in the additional benefits of their investments, impact being one of them. According to the annual report 2015 by The GIIN and J.P.Morgan (https://thegiin.org/impact-investing/need-to-know/#s8) the expected market volume for impact investing will reach USD 60 billion by 2020.

Who is the investor target group?

The GIIVX target group includes any investor looking for impact, e.g. Impact Funds, Family Offices, Foundations, High-Net-Worth Individuals, Business Angels, etc.

What does GIIVX offer to investors?

Investors get access to detailed information on a wide range of impact investment projects all over the world. These are categorised by the United Nations’ SDGs (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?menu=1300) for basic impact classification.

How can investors select projects?

GIIVX provides a search algorithm for investors to look for investment opportunities that match their interests. Search criteria include SDGs, country/region, impact classification, ticket size, return rates, and KPIs.

How do impact projects qualify?

Impact projects need to fulfil the GIIVX requirements, which include investability, scalability, and impact measurement. GIIVX grants free access to impact projects in order to also attract projects with limited financial resources.

What additional services does GIIVX provide?

Additional services offered include up-to-date industry know-how, market insights on events, studies and reports as well as risk profiling, country overviews, newsletter services and networking possibilities (for premium investors only).

How is impact measured?

Impact measurement is still in an early stage, and there is no global standard yet. The main currently used solutions are IRIS (self-assessment tool by GIIN, https://iris.thegiin.org/) and GIIRS (self-assessment tool created by B Lab, http://b-analytics.net/giirs-ratings). Together with an international institution, GIIVX is planning to work on a new standard that goes beyond self-assessment and will take impact measurement to a new level.

What is impact investing not?

Impact investing is not philanthropy, charity or sponsorship. Additionally, impact investing is more than Socially Responsible Investing (SRI, http://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/sri.asp), which only excludes investments in specific markets and/or companies, e.g. weapon or nuclear sectors, alcohol, and tobacco.


GIIF - Global Impact Investing Foundation

The mission of the Global Impact Investing Foundation based in Vienna is to foster the development of the worldwide impact investing sector and develop Vienna into the global impact investing hub. Furthermore, its activities will support the realisation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, improving the environment and living conditions of humanity. Members will include both individual countries from all over the world and international organisations supporting the mission.




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